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      STC signed the Contract Yipin Project Phase II SNCR Denitration System

      STC has just signed the Contract of Contract Yipin Project Phase II SNCR Denitration System with Inner Mongolia Yipin BiotechnologyCo., Ltd.

      The power department of Inner Mongolia Yipin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. isequipped with four 280t/h HPHT CFB boilers (3 for Phase I and 1 for Phase II) whichshare a common stack to discharge flue gas. Although the low-temperaturecombustion process of CFB boiler can effectively control the emission of NOx, itcan hardly meet national emission standards. In order to ensure that the NOxemission index can meet the national standards and the boiler can operatenormally, Inner Mongolia Yipin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. adopts the SNCR(Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction) denitration technique in the 1x280t/hboiler of Phase II. In STC's design scope of the SNCR system, ammonia water isused as reducing agent and can be extracted from the ammonia water storage tankof Phase I. The system has four sets of spray gun. STC is responsible for thedesigning, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training instruction ofthe SNCR system, as well as spare parts for one year.

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