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      STC signed the Contract of Shantou Chaoyang MSW Plant SNCR System

      STC has just signed the Contract of ShantouChaoyang MSW Plant SNCR System with Shenzhen DynagreenRenewable Energy Co., Ltd.

      Shantou Chaoyang MSW Plant Project is constructedby Shenzhen Dynagreen Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. The incineration plant islocated in the former site of Zhupeng Hospital. The plant has an annual wastetreatment capacity of 5.475x105 tons, i.e. a daily treatmentcapacity of 1500t/d (2x750t/d) for Phase I and 750t/d reserved for Phase II.The plant is equipped with mechanical grate incinerators and one set of 35MWsteam turbine generator. The annual operation time for each incinerator is 8000hours.

      In the EPC operating mode, STC provides two sets ofSNCR denitration system for Shantou MSW Plant Project, including essentialinformation for civil engineering of the SNCR denitration system (design andconstruction excluded), accessory equipment, I&C system, special testingtools, etc.

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