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      GEA and STC Has Signed License Agreement


      Recently, GEA ProcessEngineering A/S ("GEA") and Techspray Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd. ("STC") signed a license agreement on spray drying absorption technology and started formal cooperation via the application of SDA technology and its related products in STC's flue gas cleaning system. Since then, STC has become one of GEA's authorized licensees in China.

      GEA (formerly Niro) is the world's leading supplier of SDA system and rotary atomizers. GEA's technologies and products are widely applied in thermal power plants, waste-to-energyplants, dairy products and some other fields. As a general contractor of flue gas cleaning projects, STC is highly complementary with GEA in business division and products application. And the cooperation between STC and GEA is endowed with a promising future. Under the terms of the agreement, GEA's SDA technology will be applied in Shenzhen BaoAn Project and Shenzhen MaWan Project. STC is the EPC general contractor of these two projects.

      As agreed by both sides, specialists from GEA were invited to perform training on SDA system from June 13 to 21. During the two-week training, specialists form GEA and STC had a broad and in-depth exchange of views on many issues related to SDA technologies as well as two Shenzhen projects and achieved good results through the exchange. Both sides indicated that the cooperation in projects and the technology licensing could be regarded as a starting point, and joint efforts shall be made to achieve further success.

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