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      STC signed Vietnam Can Tho Flue Gas Treatment System Project

      To follow China's Belt andRoad Initiative and "Going-out" Strategy, Everbright Group has madeits first overseas investment in MSW Incineration for Power Project to build a400T/D MSW incineration line. The construciton period of this project is mainlyfrom January 2017 to August 2018.

      This project is also the firstoverseas Flue Gas Treatment System Project of STC. STC gives full play to itsadvantages in this project and is responsible for the manufacturing of thefollowing systems: SNCR denitration system, semi-dry scrubber system, drysrcubber system, bag filters, activated carbon adsorption system, lime slurrypreparation system, fly ash storage system, fly ash conveying system,compressed air storage system and electric tracer heating system.

      In this project, STC alsoprovides technical services such as the installation and commissioning of theequipment.

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