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      STC signed Suqian MSW Plant Project Phase II Leachate Spray System

      The daily MSW treatmentcapacity of Suqian MSW Incineration Plant Project is 1000 tons. The MSWincineration plant is equipped with two sets of 300t/d and one set of 400t/d MSWincineration grate furnace, each of which is allocated with one set of heatrecovery boiler.The superheated steam generated from these heat revoceryboilers will pass two sets of turbo-generator for power generation, which also realizesthe comprehensive utilization of energy resources. Thisproject is to allocate one leachate spray system for 2 sets of furnaces (oneset of 300t/d and one set of 400t/d MSW incineration grate furnace). STC providesa full range of products and services for this project, including system designing,manufacturing, installation, construction (incl. equipment foundation, groundhardening,  roof penthouse), commissioningand training.

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