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      STC Signed Juxian Project Leachate Spray System

      The MSWtreatment capacity of Juxian MSW Plant Project is 2x250t/d for Phase I and 1x300t/dfor Phase II, i.e.800t/d in total. The project investment is about 285 millionyuan. The project is to adopt BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) mode, in which enterprisestake part in infrastructure construction and provide public services to thesociety. The daily MSW treatment capacity of Phase I is 500 tons. Advanced mechanicalgrate furnace technologies are employed in this project. EU 2000 Standards, themost strict standards on flue gas emission around the world, are implemented inthis project. The annual operation time is not less than 8000 hours. In EPCmode, STC provides the system with the Leachate Spray Treatment System,including LTM, IPM, ICM, LFM, CMM, power distribution panel, spray guns & accessories,instruments and bulk materials. STC is responsible for the designing,manufacture, installation, commissioning , training guidance and otherservices, as well as spare parts for one year period.

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