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      Shenzhen Baoan MSW Plant Project SNCR Denitration System
      Column:Case Study Time:2019-07-01

      Process Description:

      The first phase of Baoan MSW Plant Project went into operation in 2005. It mainly dealt with municipal solid wastes from Baoan, Shenzhen andits surrounding area. The power plant had a daily wasteincineration capacity of 1200 tons.

      Baoan MSW Plant cooperated with STC in the first phase of its project. Both sides made join efforts to develop SNCR denitration technologies. Besides, the LOW-SNCR system had also been developed and tested. The test platform was offered by Baoan MSW Plant, while the entire installation, operation, debugging of the SNCR system were offered by STC. The SNCR system could reduce the emission concentration of NOx from 400 mg/Nm3 to 200 mg/Nm3 or below. Tests on lower NOx emission treatment were also conducted.

      The first phase of this Baoan SNCR project adopted 20% ammonium hydroxide as reducing agent. Based on the real-time combustion condition and the measured values for chamber temperature, flue gas flow, NOx concentration of the flue gas, oxygen content, CO content, etc, spray formulas could be obtained through scientific calculations. The reducing agent would be sprayed automatically and accurately into the first flue of the furnace. The reducing agent would fully react with nitrogen oxides and turn them into water and nitrogen. In this case, the aim for denitration could befinally achieved.

      Process Design:

      Scale: 3x400 t/d; (two lines with standard SNCR system, one line with Efficient SNCR system)

      Flue gas flow: 64100 Nm3/h (operating value); 70510 Nm3/h (maximum value);

      H2O(v%): 24.8%;

      O2(v%): 6.12%;

      NOx In: 300~400 Nm3/h; (NO2@ 11% O2 dry)

      NOx Out: 200 Nm3/h; (NO2@ 11% O2 dry) for Standard SNCR system

      NOx Out: 120 Nm3/h; (NO2@ 11% O2 dry) for Efficient SNCR system

      Reducing Agent: 20~25% Ammonium Hydroxide.

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