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      Hangzhou Jiufeng MSW Plant Project SCR Denitration System
      Column:Case Study Time:2019-07-01

      Project Description:

      Hangzhou Jiufeng MSW Incineration Power Plant Project covered an area of 139.7 thousand square meters. The project was equipped with four 750 t/d multi-stage hydraulic grate furnaces and two 35 MW turbo-generator sets. The project also includeded supporting environment protection engineering like flue gas treatment system, wastewater treatment system, ash system, etc. Once completed, the project was designed to have an annual performance period of 8000 hours and a daily MSW treatment capacity of 3000 tons.

      STC provided four sets of SCR System for 750 t/d single waste incineration furnaces, including equipment, accessory equipment, the electric system and I&C system of the equipment. When the system was working, the NOx concentration would be reduced to 50 mg/Nm3 or below. Also, the concentration of dioxins would be lower than 0.01 ng/Nm3. The environmental protection indexes of this project could meet or exceed all EU 2000 standards, which made this project a benchmarking project in the waste incineration industry in China.

      Process Design:

      This project adopted the SCR DeNOx System. Ammonium hydroxide was used as the reducing agent. Each furnace was equipped with one SCR reactor. Low temperature catalysts were used in this system. The SGH was set at the inlet of the SCR reactor in order to guarantee that the inlet temperature of the flue gas was not lower than 170℃ under the low load condition of the furnace. The DeNOx Equipment could treat 100% BMCR flue gas.The DeNOx rate of SCR was not lower than 75%, which meant a reduction in NOx concentration from 200 mg/Nm3 to 50 mg/Nm3.

      The whole four SCR DeNOx furnaces of the plant shared one ammonium hydroxide storage system with the SNCR system .

      Assessment of Technical Specifications: NOx Out (mg/Nm3) ≤ 50mg/Nm3, 20% Ammonium Hydroxide Consumption ≤ 50 kg/h, NH3-Slip ≤ 3 mg/Nm3, Dioxin Out (in gas phase) < 0.01 ng[TEQ]/Nm3, SCR flue gas system resistance ≤ 2250 Pa.

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