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      Shanghai Tianma MSW Plant Project SNCR and Leachate Spray Treatment System
      Column:Case Study Time:2019-07-01

      Project Description:

      Shanghai Tianma MSW Comprehensive Utilization of Engineering Centre Projectwas located 1.2 kilometres north of Shenzhuan Road,adjacent to westside of Qingtian Road in Sheshan Town Songjiang District in Shanghai. Theconstruction unit was Shanghai Tianma Environment Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. The construction scale of the first phase was to build four 500t/d mechanical gratefurnaces for waste treatment, four 47 t/h medium-temperature-medium-pressure HRSGs, two 18MW condensing steam turbines and two 20MW power generators. Spray concentrated leachate capacity: 50 t/d (initial stage) and 175 t/d (long-term).

      The four 500 t/d waste combustion lines of this project could control the coking from the incineration furnaces and treat one part of leachate with the future quality change ofwastes. The fully-automatic spray leachate treatment system was designed with amaximum spray leachate capacity of 175 t/d to treat the concentrated leachate. The system was equipped with self-cleaning and anti-blocking functions. It was also able to control the furnace temperature automatically. Thus, there was no need of manual operation for this system.

      Process Design:

      Scale: 4x500 t/d;

      Flue Gas Flow: 98420 Nm3/h;

      H2O(v%): 11-15%;

      O2(v%): 6-9%;

      NH3-Slip: 8 mg/Nm3;

      NOx In: 300 Nm3/h; (NO2@ 11% O2 dry)

      NOx Out: 200 Nm3/h; (NO2@ 11% O2 dry)

      Reducing Agent: Urea.

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