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      DynaGreen MSW Plant Project SNCR+SCR System
      Column:Case Study Time:2019-07-01

      Project Description:

      This project was located in Yongledian Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing City, neighboring Yujiawu Village in the west. The plant was located at 830m south of Nansanjianfang Village, 850m north of Hujia Village, adjacent to Fengde Road and Beijing-Tianjin Expressway in the northeast. The coverage area of this project was about 296 mu. This project was an environmental protection project. The project adopted MSW as fuel and treated the wastes by means of advanced, reliable, mature techniques and equipments, aiming to realize the "harmlessness, quantity reduction and reclamation" of the municipal solid waste treatment. There were three waste incineration production lines with the capacity of 750 t/d. Project Scale: daily waste treatment capacity: 2250t (750t/d×3 sets), installed capacity of turbo-generators: 50MW (2×25MW), annual rated operation time: ≥8,000h/a.

      STC provided three sets of SNCR+SCR system and accessory equipment corresponding to the three 750 t/d waste incineration furnaces. STC was responsible for the design, construction, equipment supply, installation, debugging and commissioning in this project. The annual rated operation time: ≥8,000h/a.


      Process Design:

      Scale: 3x750 t/d; 

      Flue Gas Flow: 156500 Nm3/h;

      H2O(v%): 18-32%;

      O2(v%): 6-12%;

      NH3-Slip: 10 mg/Nm3;

      NOx In: 400 Nm3/h; (NO2@ 11% O2 dry)

      NOx Out: 200 Nm3/h; (NO2@ 11% O2 dry)

      Reducing Agent: Urea.

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