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      Suzhou MSW Plant Extension Project Phase III Dry Process System
      Column:Case Study Time:2019-07-01

      Project Description:

      The MSW incineration project of Everbright Environment Energy (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was composed of the first, second and the third phase. This project was specialized in waste treatment and integrated utilization of by-products. The total investment ofthis project was amounted to 1.7 billion yuan with a designed daily waste treatment capacity of 3500 tons. The project had an annual MSW treatment capacity of 1.5 million tons and an annual power generation capacity of about 400 million kWh. It was currently one of the largest domestic MSW incineration power generation plants. The third phase of this extension project started in September 2011, and was put into commercial operation in January 2013. The construction scale of this project included three 500 t/d waste incineration furnaces and two sets of turbo-generators. The main equipment like waste incineration furnaces and control systems were all developed and produced by Everbright.

      Based on the general contracting mode of EPC, our company undertook three sets of dry process system corresponding to this project in March 2012. We provided the products and services including designing, manufacturing, installation, debugging and training of the system. The system was equipped with independent water spraying and cooling system inorder to reduce the flue gas temperature to the optimum temperature for the acid removal reaction of lime. The system could adapt to the rated flue gas flow of 50~120% and the temperature change of flue gas for ±50℃. The dry acid removal system could be put into operation separately and the emission index could meet EU 2000 standards after the treatment.

      Process Design:

      In dry process system, slaked lime is sprayed into the inlet duct of the bag filter by pneumatic transmission and is fully mixed with the flue gas before entering the bagfilter. The solid reaction bed was formed on the filter-bag, removing the acid gasin the flue gas (SOx, HCl, HF).

      Atomization spray system is installed on the top of the semi-dry reaction tower. When the semi-dry reaction tower breaks down or stops operation for repairing, the atomization spray system is used to reduce the flue gas temperature. In this case, the dry acid removal process could reach the optimum reaction temperature in order to meet the flue gas emission standards.

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