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      Shanghai Liming Resources Reuse Centre SNCR Denitration System
      Column:Case Study Time:2019-07-01

      Project Description:

      Shanghai Liming Resources Reuse Co., Ltd was affiliated with and wholly-owned by Pudong Development Group. It covered 141 mu of land and had a project construction scale of four 500 t/d waste incineration furnaces. It's project had an annual municipal solid waste treatment capacity of 666.7 thousand tons and an annualpower generating capacity of about 216 million kWh. The index of flue gas after treatment met the EU II emission standards.

      This denitration system mainly included the supply and installation of injection unit, dilution water pump transfer unit, urea solution preparation unit, urea solution pump transfer unit, quantitative mixing unit, urea solution preparation control unit, etc.

      The NOx concentration was reduced from 400 mg/Nm3 to 200 mg/Nm3 (24 hour average) in this project. Based on the past cooperation with Hitachi in grate furnaces,there were no difficulties during the denitration index debugging process. The index could reach the standards in normaloperaiton condition. But if the owner's furnaces had a large range of load fluctuation, it might occur for a few hours that the hourly average value for NOx was greater than 200 mg/Nm3.

      Process Design:

      Scale: 4x500 t/d;

      Flue Gas Flow: 98420 Nm3/h;

      H2O(v%): 11-15%;

      O2(v%): 6-9%;

      NH3-Slip: 8 mg/Nm3;

      NOx In: 300 Nm3/h; (NO2@ 11% O2 dry)

      NOx Out: 200 Nm3/h; (NO2@ 11% O2 dry)

      Reducing Agent: Urea.

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