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      Sound Environment Linqing MSW Plant Project SNCR Denitration System
      Column:Case Study Time:2019-07-01

      Project Description

      The construction scale of this project: daily MSW treatment capacity of 600 tons (300 t/d×1 set). The project was divided into two phases, Phase I: 1×300 t/d and Phase II: 1×300 t/d. In this project, main structures and infrastructures were completed in one stage. The annual rated operation time: ≥8,000h/a.

      STC provided two sets of SNCR denitration system and accessory equipment corresponding to the two waste incineration furnaces. STC was responsible for the design, construction, equipment supply, installation, debugging and commissioning in this project. The annual rated operation time: ≥8,000h/a.

      Process Design:

      Scale: Phase I: 1x300t/d; Phase II: 1x300t/d; 

      Flue Gas Flow: 58500Nm3/h; (100% design design point heat value)

      H2O(v%): 22.812%;

      O2(v%): 6.035%;

      NH3-Slip: 8 mg/Nm3;

      NOx In: 350 Nm3/h; (NO2@ 11% O2 dry)

      NOx Out: 180 Nm3/h; (NO2@ 11% O2 dry)

      Reducing Agent: Urea.

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